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 We offer everything from voice, guitar, and piano lessons to instruction on strings, and brass instruments. Lessons are available for individuals, partners, or groups depending on your unique learning needs and are offered on-site with a 30-minute private session and 30-minute computer session for faster progress! Computer sessions focus on helping you learn music theory, while private instruction ensures you receive the focus you need for improvement.  
 Call today to choose the best time for your busy family! Siblings can be in lessons at the same time - saving you time and gas!  


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• Music Theory Computer Lab

• Levels Program with Reward Medals

• Practice Incentives

• Choose Private, Group or Partner Lessons

• Recitals to showcase your student's progress











Private Lessons
Depending on your age, our private music lessons may be the best fit for you. Before or after the private lesson, you can work in our music lab for at least an additional 30 minutes. The lab allows you to excel in note reading, basic music theory, and sight reading, as well as enjoy fun computer reinforcement games. We also offer other instrument lessons with energetic, skilled, and positive teachers. Call and set up a free sample lesson to meet one of our great teachers and find out if our studio is the best fit for you and your family.










Partner Lessons
Partner lessons are great for beginning students, as well as families who need a less expensive learning option. Two siblings or friends, or 2 students of similar age and level, share a private lesson. You are responsible for finding your own partner. These lessons are held once a week and include a 30-minute shared lesson with a teacher and an additional 30 minutes in our music theory computer lab. Partner lessons are for voice, violin, guitar, and any band or orchestra instrument offered.


Group Lessons
Group lessons are an excellent way to begin your child's music lesson experience.  We offer group lessons on guitar and Ukulele.  Come learn and play music with us today!













Group Classes: $35 per student

Partner $45 per student

Private $70-$85


"Nothing activates as many areas of the mind as music."









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Enhance your musical talents with piano lessons, voice lessons, violin lessons, guitar lessons and much more!